तन्तुभः - Brassica campestris


Name - सर्षपः

Botanical name - Brassica campestris

Description - Annual herb; root tuberous or fusiform; stem erect, stout, simple of branched, 30-100 cm high; leaves alternate, petioled, large, more or less pinnatifid; raceme or corymb; flowers yellow, pedicellate, tetramerous; siliquas 3.7-7.5 cm, glabrous; seeds small, pale or dark, smooth.

Chemical Constituents- Flowers contain flavonol glycoside brassicoside. Seeds contain epi-progoitrin- major thioglucoside.

Use - Seeds used in exacerbations, cancer and tumours. Roots emollient and diuretic, juice used in chronic cough and bronchial catarrh

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