तपॊधना - Sphaeranthus indicus


Name - मुण्डी

Botanical name - Sphaeranthus indicus

Description - Aromatic prostrate or ascending herbs; stem winged. Leaves ovate to obovate, serrate dentate. Heads compound with winged peduncle; florets purple.

Chemical Constituents- Herb contains sterol glycoside, yields an essential oil, alkaloid sphaeranthine. Capitula contain eudesmanolides, yields fatty oil, tannins, and volatile oil. Essential oil major constituents are methyl chavicol, alpha-ionone, d-cadiene, pmethoxycinnamaldehyde; minor constituents are alpha-terpinone, citral, geraniol, geranyl acetate, Beta-ionone, sphaerene, indicusene and sphaeranthol; also beta-sitosterol, n-triacontanol, phenylurethan, n-pentacosane

Use - Juice styptic, also used in hepatic and gastric disorders. Pulverized seeds and roots used in cough and other chest troubles; credited with antitubercular activities. Flowers tonic and depurative

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

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