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ताम्बूलवल्ली - Piper betle


Name - नागवल्ली

Botanical name - Piper betle

Description - Piper betle is a perennial root climber, stem is semi-woody, thickened at nodes, leaves large, broadly orate, acute, entire bright green. Male spikes dense, cylindric and female spikes pendulous. Fruit production is very rare , Fruits sunk in the fleshy spike.

Chemical Constituents- Leaves contain iodine, vitamin B, essential oil. It contains essential oil, chavicol and. Enzymes

Use - Plant is used in cough cold, respiratory problems, dyspepsia, as a adjuvant for other medicine. It is used in pan. Decoction of leaves used for healing wounds. Roots with black pepper used to produce sterility in women. Leaves yield essential oil which is used in respiratory catarrh and diphtheria, also as carminative.