तिलपर्णं - Pterocarpus santalinus



Name - रक्तचन्दन

Botanical name - Pterocarpus santalinus

Description - Pterocarpus santalinus is a moderate sized deciduous tree, attaining the height of 35 ft. blackish brown bark, deeply cleft into rectangular plates and dark purple heartwood. Compound leaves with 3-5 leaflets, broad- elliptic, obtuse with pale under surface. Yellow flowers in short simple or branched axillary or terminal recemes. Fruit are oblique pods, Winged seed, central hard portion containing the seed, seed reddish brown & smooth.

Chemical Constituents- It contains red substances santalin and deoxysantalin and three colorless crystalline substances

Use - Bark is used in uterine bleeding, It is boiled with milk and used as drink. heart wood is used in diabetes. The heartwood of the tree is used as a cooling external application for headache and inflammation.

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