दुःस्पर्शा - Alhagi camelorum


Name - यवासः

Botanical name - Alhagi camelorum

Description - Spiny shrubs with red flowers in panicles. Pod falcate, straight with sub-reniform seeds.

Chemical Constituents- Twigs contain alkaloids - Beta-phenethylamine, N-methyl-Beta-phenethylamine, N-methyltyramine, hordenine, 3,4-dihydroxy-Beta-phenethyl-trimethyl ammonium hydrozide, 3-methoxy-4-hydrozyl-Beta-phenethyl trimethyl ammoniun hydroxide, N-methyl-mescaline, salsolidine, small quantity of choline and betaline. Roots and stems contain alkaloid, also phytosterols.

Use - Plant laxative, diuretic, antibilious and antiseptic. Decoction of loots used for swellings and abscesses. Sugary exudation obtained from the plant used as an expectorant, anti-emetic and laxative.

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