दन्तीबीजम् - Croton tiglium


Name - जयपालः

Botanical name - Croton tiglium

Description - Small evergreen tree, youngest shoots sparsely stettately hairy: petioles slender, 2.5-5.0 cm long, leaves 5-10 cm long, membranous, glandular beneath; racemes 5.0-7.5 cm long; flowers small, unisexual; capsules nearly 2.5 cm long, white, obtusely trigonous; seeds nearly 2 cm, oblong, pale, obtusely trigonous.

Chemical Constituents- Seeds contain 55 to 57% of oil. The oil contains toxic resin, purgative and vesicant principles, toxic proteins, sucrose and a glycoside crotonoside.

Use - The seeds and roots are emetic and highly purgative.

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