द्विजप्रिया- Ephedra gerardiana


Name - सॊमवल्ली

Botanical name - Ephedra gerardiana

Description - A small shrub up to about 1 meter high. Stems woody below much branched; branches almost whorled, erect or initially a little spreading and then ascending upwards. Leaves reduced to minute 2-toothed sheaths. Male flowers few, together in ovate spikes. Female flowers 1-2, in short spikes. Fruits 7-10 mm long, ovoid, red, surrounded by succulent bracts

Chemical Constituents-

Use - The dried stems of Ephedra gerardiana, collected in autumn constitute the drug Ephedra. The main use of this drug, which yields Ephedrine, is in treatment of asthma, particularly bronchial asthma, for relieving bronchial spasms, the drug is administered orally or through injections. The drug is useful as a stimulant for heart. In cases where heart is affected by infections of pneumonia, diphtheria, etc, Ephedra proves a very effective cardiac stimulant. It has also been used in hay fever, rashes, etc., of allergic origin. Several preparations based on Ephedrine are in use in medicine nowadays. Nasal sprays are used in sinusitis, asthmatic attacks, inflammation of mucous membrane, etc. As the drug has some effect on the urinary bladders also, it is used to control night wetting (urinating while sleeping) in children. Overdoses of Ephedrine can cause nausea, sweating, certain skin diseases

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