दार्वीभॆदा- Curcuma amada

Name - अम्रगन्धा

Botanical name - Curcuma amada

Description - Phytography: Herb; rooststock ovoid, sessile tubers thick, cylindric, pale yellow inside; leafy tuft 60-90 cm high, petiole as long as the lamina, leaf blade 30-45 cm by 15 cm or more, pale green, tapering to base and apex; scape from the centre of the leafy tuft, spike 7.5-15.0 cm by 3.7 cm, bracts pale green, those of the coma tinted with pink; flowers as long as the bracts, whitish with pale yellow lip

Chemical Constituents-

Use - Traditional use: ORAON : Tikur (prepared with crushed root mixed with rice flour): as a sedative in influenza. UNANI : ingredient of 'Amba haldi'.

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