छागान्त्री - Argyreia speciosa


Name - वृद्धदारुकः

Botanical name - Argyreia speciosa

Description - Phytography: Climbing shrub.

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Leaf: 1-triacontanol, p-sitosterol.epifriedelinol; Seed: ergoline, ergine, isoergine, isolysergic acid amide, pennidavine , caffeic acid, Et-catfeate, lysergic acid amide,

Use - Sanskrit name: Samudrapalaka. Traditional use : Plant: in stomach complaints, sores on foot, small pox, syphilis, diarrhoea, dysentery; Leaf: antiphlogistic, used as emollient, poultices for wounds, externally for skin diseases, gleet gonorrhoea, strangury and chronic ulcers. Modem use : Root: as tonic, alterative, in rheumatism and disease of the nervous system; Seed: show significant hypotensive and spasmolytic activity.

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