Name - श्वॆतात्रिवृत्

Botanical name - Operculina turpethum



Description - A large twining herb with milky juice; root long, branched, fleshy; stems winged. Leaves 4-10 by 1.5-7 cm, ovate, cordate. Flowers white, 4-5 cm long, funnel-shaped, in few flowered bunches. Sepals about 2 cm long, but when plant is in fruit, they become much larger and brittle and enclose the fruits.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains scopoletin. Resin contains turpethinic acid A-E. Root contains glycoside alpha-turpethin and beta- turpethin, volatile oil. Resin contain turpethinic acids A, B, C, D and E.


Use - Source of a purgative called Turpeth or Indian Jalap -- The dried roots of the plant constitute the drug; the roots should be taken from white variety only, and they should have their bark intact. The drug contains Turpethin. The Turpeth has almost same properties as the true Jalap, obtained from Exogonium purga and is a suitable substitute for it. It is used as a purgative. Powdered roots are suitable for this. The samples of Turpeth commonly available in markets have stems and twigs of the plant mixed with the roots 

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