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Name - नीलदूर्वा

Botanical name - Cynodon dactylon



Description - The Cynodon dactylon A slender, prostrate, widely creeping, forming matted tufts, with slender erect flowering branches. Leaves narrowly linear, finely acute, soft, smooth, conspicuously distichous at the base; ligule a very fine ciliate rim. Spikes radiating from the top of a slender peduncle, green purplish. Fruits are grains oblong, laterally compressed

Chemical Constituents-


Use - Whole plant. It is Diuretic, cooling in nature, improves the complexion, heals internal and external wounds. Used in menorrhagia, repeated abortions, in epilepsy, diabetes and piles.It is diuretic and astringent., Useful in dropsy, anasarca,. Hysteria, epilepsy, insanity chronic diarrhoea