Name - लज्जालुः

Botanical name - Mimosa pudica

Description - Mimosa pudica is a diffuse under shrub, prickly stems and branches, sensitive leaves, bi-pinnately compound. Leaflets glabrous above, clothed with appressed bristles beneath, base obliquely rounded. 4 mesous, pink flowers in globose heads. Very minute calyx. Pink corolla 4-stamens. Fruits are bristly pods, flat, slightly recurved, consisting of 3-5 one seeded joints which fall away from the persistent sutures.

Chemical Constituents- Leaf contains phytochromes. Mucilage of seeds contain galactose and mannose. also contains alkali called mimosine

Use - Astringent in action, contains alkali called mimosine. It contracts small blood vessels. Used in piles, D.U.B. Diabetes, dysentery. -- Root decoction used in gravel and other urinary complaints. Juice of leaves used in dressings for sinus and also for sores and piles.

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