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Name - गुग्गुलुः

Botanical name - Balsamodendron mukul

Description - Commiphora mukul Phytography : Tree, less than 2 m in height, branches slightly ascending; leaves alternate, 1-3 foliate, leaflets smooth and shining, toothed at the end; flowers nearly sessile, unisexual, brownish red; drupes red, containing two 2-celled stones.

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Oleoresin : active constituents guggulsterol-l, -II & -III, myricyl alcohol, p-sitosterol, diterpenes, a-comphorene, cembrene A, cembrene alcohol, allycembrol (Mukulol), and long-chain aliphatic tetrols; Flower: flavanoids.

Use - Traditional use : SHUSHRUTASAMHITA : useful in troubles of stomach, obesity, dropsy, bad smell of ear; BAGBHATTA : in respiratory troubles; CHAKRADATTA : in sciatica and rheumatism; AYURVEDA : in treatment of premature oldness, cold, cough, worms in alimentary system, inflammation of spleen, obesity, irregular menstruation, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophy, summer boil, irritation of hair follicles, sciatica; it is a ingredient of many Ayurvedic compounds; Ayurvedic drug Myostal, containing this, is useful in puerperal patients. Modern use: Oleoresin: useful as anti--inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, hypocholesterimic, hypoiipidaemic, dependable agent for hemiplegia and other artherosclerotic disorders like coronary insufficiency; increases fibrinolytic activity in ischaemic heart patients; effects of the following indigenous drugs have been accepted : (i) Guggulipid: in heart diseases, spondilitis and gout; (ii) Septilin : in rhinosinal infection and exodontia; (iii) Biliarin : in infective hepatitis; (iv) Arogya-vardhini: in acute viral hepatitis; Resin: in indolent ulcers, as gargle in pyorrhea alveolaris, chronic tonsilitis, pharyngitis; Fumes from burning gum : inhalation is recommended in hay fever, chronic bronchi-tis, nasal catarrah, laringitis and phthisis; Essential oil: anti-bacterial. Remark: Resin-smoke is mosquito repellent.