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Name - पनशः

Botanical name - Artocarpus integrifolius

Description - Phytography : Large tropical fruit tree with a dense crown reaching a height of 18 m orj more; the straight cylindrical stem is covered with rough bark which exudes milky latex

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Bark: cycloheterophyllin and its iso-derivatives; Heartwood of Indian plants : flavonoids, artocarpesin, nor-artocarpetin, di-Me ethers of artocarpiri and isoartocarpin, cycloartocapesin, oxyhydroartocarpesin and some phenolics; Leaf: cycloartenone, cycloartenol and p-sitosterol; Seed : 2 isoelctins, dupeptide, aurantiamide-OAc. Remarks: Unripe fruits are eaten as vegetable. Timber is useful. The plant is of religious value to the Hindus.


Use - Traditional use: SANTAL : (i) Red excresence of richly fruit-bearing tree: for the treatment of barrenness in women; (ii) Paste of young shoot or flower: in treatment of post-delivery complications; (iii) Leaf: as plaster on the sores on the skin, thigh and some other parts of the body, as powder on the body of a patient suffering from small pox, as ingredient of an ointment to treat carbuncles and chronic progredient sores; (iv) Young leaf and shoot with gur : as lactagogue in women; RURAL FOLK : (i) Root: in skin diseases, asthma and diarrhoea; (ii) Gum: to remove fatigue, weakness; (iii) Leaf-decoction : in ringworm, eczema and other skin diseases; (iv) tnfiorescence-axis : in muscular rheumatism; (v) Juice of unripe fruit: in weakness of heart; (vi) Decoction of unripe fruit: in redema; (vii) Seed-decoction: m spiting blood. RAMAYANA : ripe fruit nutritious; CHARAKA SAMHITA : ripe fruit sweet, slightly astringent, useful in pile disorder, increases semen, purifies blood, enhances skin colour, but slightly increases phlegm; SHUSHRUTASAMHITA : ripe fruit tasty, slightly astringent, cooling, slightly difficult to digest; AYURVEDA : (i) Root should be eaten in diarrhoea; (ii) Gumi stem: useful in glandular swelling and in suppuration of abscesses; (iii) Leaf: beneficia in skin diseases; VAYU PURANA : regular consumption of fruit juice increases longevit; KURMA PURANA : consumption of fruit juice regularly enhances life-span and improves sk colour. Modern use : Latex: Bacteriolytic; mixed with vinegar, promotes healing of absces Leaf: estrogenic.