Name - पुष्करमूलं

Botanical name - Saussurea lappa

Description - A tail perennial herb up to 2m high. Leaves very large; the lower basal ones up to 1.2m long, borne on winged stalks; upper leaves smaller, sometimes with stalks; two small lobes at the base of these leaves almost clasping the stems. Flowers about 2 cm long, bluish purple or almost black, borne on round flower heads; few flower heads clustered together in axils of leaves or at tops of stems. The hairs on fruits (pappus) about 1.7 cm long, feathery, giving a curious fluffy appearance to the fruiting flower heads.

Chemical Constituents- Contains essential oil, alkaloid, saussurine and a bitter resin.

Use - It is useful in bronchitis, asthma, flatulence and certain cardiac complaints. It also promotes urination. It has the property of relaxing involuntary muscles and this is responsible for its beneficial effects in bronchial asthma and cough; the effect, however, is temporary. The drug is reported to be useful also in skin diseases and rheumatism. It is antiseptic, disinfectant, Cardiac stimulant, carminative, expectorant, diuretic, and Controls attacks of bronchial asthma. It is useful in persistent hiccup, cholera, coughs, chronic, skin diseases and rheumatism. It relaxes involuntary muscles

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