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ARALU  - Ailanthus excelsa



Ailanthus excelsa , Ailanthus malabarica & Ailanthus altissima /Oroxylum indicum (synonym)



Family Begnoniaceae

Latin name Oroxylum = mountain wood (Oro= mountain, xylum = wood); indicum = of India.

Sanskrit names Shyonak, Pnithushithbi, Shukanasa, Kutannat, Katwang, Mandukpama Patrorna, Deerghavrunta, Aralu.

Yellow Shyonak : Bhallak, Deerghavmnta,letavmksha,Tentook, Bhootasara, Munidruma,Neesaar, Kunat, Virechan.


Ailanthus excelsa


ARALU-Ailanthus excelsa


Botanical Description—It is a big tree of 10 to 12 meters height. Leaves are also big. Legume is very long and wide like a sword. Therefore its name is pruthushimbi. Leaf and flower stalks are also long (deerghnvninta).

Flowers — red or purple. Petals of flowers have a bad smell and are fleshy. Seeds shallow with wings. 0.75 cm. long and 1 cm. broad. It has some cotton also.

Habitat : All over India and   Srilanka.



Ailanthus excelsa


ARALU-Ailanthus excelsa



Guna laghu. ruksha;

Rasa tikta. kashaya;

Vipaka  katu;

 Veerya sheeta;

Dosha tridoshaghna. Shyonak is very useful on ama.

External uses : Roots hark is useful in amavata. its kashaya i.e. decoction is used for external application as well as for internal use. Dashamoola contains Shyonak.


Oroxylum indicum

Oroxylum indicum



Tridoshaghna (prabhav).

Dhatu Meda, ama.

Mala Sweda, mutra.

Organs Joints (middle channel
madhyam margagami),bladder, digestive system (loss of ‘appetite, dysentery, amoebiasis).


Oroxylum indicum


Oroxylum indicum