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Apoptosis is a necrotic cell process. The cell triggers the process by activating

the endogenous destruction program that leads to cell death (“suicide program

of the cell”). Apoptosis plays an important part in the development of

organs as well as the control and regulation of physiological regeneration.

During apoptosis, the deoxyribonucleic acid of the cell nucleus is destroyed.

In the process, the cell nucleus not only becomes small and condensed (nuclear

pyknosis), but it also breaks into fragments (extra nuclei, karyorrhexis),

which will finally completely dissolve (karyolysis).

Apoptosis in the cavum epithelium of the rabbit endometrium with chromatin

bodies 1 . Cytoplasmic processes of a macrophage envelop part of the

apoptotic cell like a horseshoe 2 . Uterine clearance 3 .

1 Chromatin bodies

2 Macrophage processes

3 Uterine clearance