काश्मरी  - Gmelina arborea


Name - काश्मरी

Botanical name - Gmelina arborea

Description - Deciduous unarmed trees with smooth whitish-grey bark. Leaves ovate, subcordate. Flowers brownish-yellow, in terminal panicles. Drupe fleshy, ovoid, turning yellow

Chemical Constituents- Root contains coumarin glycoside umbelliferone. Heart-wood contains lignans araboreol, gmelanone, 6"- bromoisoarboreol, 4-hydroxysesamin, gmelofuran, gummadiol. Leaves contain apigenin, quercetin, hentriacontanol, Beta-sitosterol and luteolin. Drupes contain butyric acid, tartaric acid. Root and bark contain alkaloid.

Use - Leaves demulcent. Ingredient of Dashamoola. Fruit enters into cooling decoctions, used in fevers and bilious affections The roots are used in the treatment of gonorrhoea, Cough, rheumatism and foetid ulcers. It is also used in Catarrh of the bladder.

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