कॊलशिम्बिः  - Canavaila gladiata


Name - कॊलशिम्बिः

Botanical name - Canavaila gladiata

Description - Phytography : Stout perennial twiner with glabrous stem and branches; leaves com-pound, leaflets membranous, acute or acuminate, apiculate, base rounded, glabrous in both sides; flowers large, white or lilac in lax few-flowered curved axillary racemes; fruits large, sword-shaped flattened pods; seeds reddish brown or white, strongly com-pressed

Chemical Constituents- Chemical contents : Fruit: Cystin, tyrosin, tryptophan, and alkaloids.

Use - Traditional use : Fruit: appetiser, astringent, cooling, digestive, sweet and vulnerary, useful in anorexia, burning sensation, dyspepsia, hyperdipsia, wounds, ulcers and vitiated conditions of kapha and pitta. Modern use : Aerial parts (50% EtOH extract): diuretic

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