गण्डीरी - Rubia cordifolia



Name - मञ्जिष्ठा

Botanical name - Rubia cordifolia

Description - Scabrid climbers with quadrangular branches. Leaves whorled, ovate, cordate at base Flowers greenish-white, in terminal and axillary dichasial cymes. Berry globose, fleshy, dark purplish when ripe

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains alizarin and its glucoside, asperulosidic acid, 10-deacetyl- asperulosidic acid: Roots contain quinones - auzarin, purpurin, purpurin carboxylate, quinizarine, christofin, anthraquinone glycoside, iridoid glycoside 6-methoxy geniposidic acid, colouring matter purpurin, manjishtin, purpuroxanthin

Use - Source of Indian Maddar. Roots tonic, anti-dysenteric, antiseptic and deobstruent. Leaf decoction and stem used as a vermifuge

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