गृहकन्या - Aloe vera


Name - कुमारी

Botanical name - Aloe vera

Description - Perennial herbs with fleshy ensiform leaves. Flowers reddish-yellow, in long scapes.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains aloesone and aloesin. Mucilage contains sugars. Leaves contain barbuloin, glycoside and isobarbaloin and Beta-barbaloin, free anthraquinone like aloe emodin, iso-emodin, free and cinnarnoylate 8-methyl-7-hydroxyaloins

Use - Fresh juice of leaves cathartic and refrigerant, used in liver and spleen ailments and for eye troubles. Leaves in chronic constipation. Aloe species are used in a host of diseases, particularly of the digestive system

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

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