गृहकूलकः - Trichosanthes anguina


Name - चिचिण्डः

Botanical name - Trichosanthes anguina

Description - Tendrillar creeping herbs with long, slender stems. Leaves variable in shape, lobed, base deeply cordate. Male flowers in axillary racemes. Female flowers solitary, axillary. Fruit very long, twisted, pale green or white.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains chondrillasterol. Fruits contain hentriacontane, ceryl alcohol, beta-sitosterol and its D-glucoside, alpha-amyrin, taraxerone, sucrose, potassium nitrate. Seeds yield a drying oil with fatty acids

Use - Fruits improve appetite and are used in biliousness. Roots and seeds used in diarrhoea and as a vermifuge.

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