द्वारदारुः- Tectona grandis

Name - भूमीसहः

Botanical name - Tectona grandis

Description - Deciduous trees with angled branches. Bark fibrous, light brown or grey, exfoliating in thin strips. Leaves broadly elliptic- ovate, coriaceous. Flowers small, white, in terminal panicles. Drupe stellate-tomentose, globose, enclosed in accrescent calyx.

Chemical Constituents- Plant contains diterpene tectograndinol. Roots contain lapachol, tectol, dehydrotectol, tectoquinone, Beta-lapachone, dehydro- alpha-lapachone and Beta-sitosterol . Heart-wood contains anthraquinones. Essential oil contains tectoquinone

Use - Oily product from wood chips applied to eczema. Kernels yield a fatty oil which is used in scabies and to promote the growth of hair. Flowers used in biliousness, bronchitis and urinary discharges. Both flowers and seeds considered diuretic. Bark astringent, used in bronchitis.

Medicinal plants of India ; Ayurveda

01 September 2013

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