पूतिकः- Caesalpinia bonducella


Name - घृतपूर्णकरञ्जः

Botanical name - Caesalpinia bonducella

Description - Caesalpinia bonducella is a very large straggling, very thorny shrub. Branches armed with hooks, straight hard Yellow prickles. 2-pinnate leaves, 6-8 pairs of pinnae with a pair of hooked stipulary spines at the base. Small Yellow flowers in dense long peduncled terminal & supra axillary racemes at the top. Short stalked pods densely covered with prickles, 1-2 seeds in lead colour, smooth and shining surface.

Chemical Constituents- Seeds contain caesalpins. Seed oil contains amorphous glycoside bonducin. Kernel contains phytosterol, diterpene caesalpin, homoisoflavone bonducellin.


Use - Leaves and bark febrifuge, emmenagogue, anthelmintic. Fruits tonic and antipyretic. Seed oil used in discharges from the ear. Seeds, Leaves and bark. Seeds and leaves are very specific for the treatment of hydrocele. Castor oil coated leaves are used to dress the inflammatory swellings. It is very useful in abnormal suppression of menses. (amenorrhoea) and painful and difficult menstruation (dysmenorrhoea) The Bonduc nut is a common name in English ; Katkaranja in Hindi; Putikaranj, Kuberaksi or Kantakikarnjah in Sanskrit ; Gajjekayi in Kannada; Thachirkodi or Kaliccikkai in Tamil and Gaccha, Yalaksi in Telugu. 

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